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Earthquake Resilient


The elastic and energy absorption properties of solid wood construction make it the ideal system to use in earthquake regions. The solid wood wall boards are designed to move slightly and then return to their original position once the shaking stops. This together with the interlocking pins & tie rods used to construct an Intalok provide the strength & resilience under earthquake conditions but is also flexible to absorb the seismic motions. Gypsum board braced walls (timber or steel frame) cannot take the same level of movement without showing signs of damage. Concrete can crack under these conditions.


Earthquakes in New Zealand have caused major damage to masonry buildings and even light timber framed buildings have shown damage, while solid timber buildings have emerged unscathed and required little or NO repairs.


Solid wood buildings can absorb severe shaking with a very low risk of injury or structural damage. Even in areas of liquefaction, provided the house was on a suspended timber floor, the houses remained safe and serviceable. By contract 40,000 fatalities were recorded in the 1999 Turkish earthquake, mainly in masonry and concrete buildings.

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