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You are looking to build a home and a lifestyle that reflects your ideals, where the carbon footprint will be minimal. Installation of eco products will deliver an eco friendly, efficient and healthy home, changing how you live - a sustainable, healthy environment for future generations.

Solarcorp NZ

Solar Corp designed, supplied and installed the solar powered under floor central heating system, solar domestic hot water, STES underground tank and DDG central heating fire for the radiators for which David Shaw Builders received the Master Builders Resene Sustainable Home Award. Solar Corp also provided the solar water heating for the under floor home heating and domestic water heating for last years House Build Winner by Allan Wallace Builders.

Solar Energy

Most popular options are Solar collectors on the roof, hot water cylinder (HWC) inside. If you are off the gid or don't want to use any power, Thermosiphon system, HWC on the roof and collectors underneath. Collectors on the roof, a PV solar pump and HWC inside. Their solar water heaters can be combined with a wetback, gas califont, any type of boiler or water heater.
The German Solar Controller is loaded with features to optimise the conversion of solar energy into water heating. It maintains the hot water cylinder temperature within safe margins and will automatically provide any top-up heating if required.
Unsightly solar water heaters on low-pitched roofs are now history. Their DF series solar water heaters can be attached directly to a roof or even the building facade and the solar fin is angled to the correct inclination for optimum solar gain.

DDG Central Heating

Solar Corp NZ is proud to represent DDG Multi-Fuel fires in New Zealand. A DDG may look like a conventional fire, but is the heart of a modern central heating system. Behind the cozy flames lies an ingenious and very powerful wetback water heater specifically designed for home heating. The DDG is designed to seamlessly integrate with underfloor and radiator central heating, providing an abundance of comfortable radiant heat, free from drafts and noise. Established in 1979, the DDG is manufactured in Belgium using the latest in manufacturing technology, providing you with a very high quality product with a minimum service life of 20 years. DDG fires are available as free standing or built-in.

Central Heating

A healthy home is a warm dry home. Hydronic under floor and radiator central heating is free from drafts and noise. Radiant heat is the most comfortable for the human body. Central heating uses a single heat source, is compatible with solar, has a long service life and requires minimal maintenance. Heating can be completely automatic with individual room temperature control. Solar Corp NZ will design and install a central heating system to suit your needs.

Gas Boilers

Solar Corp NZ will design and install a central heating system to suit your needs. You may choose to include Gas condensing boiler if you live in the city with gas in street.

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