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You are looking to build a home and a lifestyle that reflects your ideals, where the carbon footprint will be minimal. Installation of eco products will deliver an eco friendly, efficient and healthy home, changing how you live - a sustainable, healthy environment for future generations.

eco windows

"The most energy efficient windows in New Zealand" - not only a claim but our daily task.  Our vision of building the best windows comes along with our idea of partnership. Only the close cooperation with the customers - our most important partners - and the network of our suppliers from all over the world enables us to find the best solutions in terms of energy efficiency, design and quality.

That's why we don't offer the standard: our products are always customised.  As we use the highest standard of machinery, we are able to do so without keeping the budget out of sight.  At the end of the day, satisfied customers are our definition of sustainability.  That's the reason why the old CO-OP concept of an almost ancient dairy factory fits perfectly with a high-tech window factory.
In our philosophy windows and doors are one of the most formative parts of a house.  They let fresh air in and undesirable odor out.  They brighten your rooms and keep the unintended out.  They are the most functional part of the facade, but the most sensitive too.

Sensitive, because there are so many things that can go wrong with windows and doors.  Losing the valuable energy is one of the major concerns about windows.  That's why we dislike bad windows.  It is just so needless.  Building good - energy efficient - windows and doors is no rocket science.  It just needs some skills and experience, but most of all; passion !

No matter if it's a masonry villa, a timber framed passive house or a small alteration.  It doesn't matter if it's a multi-point locked entry door (which is a standard for us), a sliding door of 12 meter length, an oversized bi-fold or a small bathroom window.

We always manufacture with passion and the best available ingredients.  That's our promise.


The major components of a good window are of course profiles, hardware and glazing.  But there are a few of ingredients that could make the difference, too.  Sometimes it's the little thinks that turn a good window into an "eco-window".

A high quality rubber seal is essential for getting a window as tight as possible.  A thermally broken threshold turns a sliding door or an entry door into an essential part of an energy efficient home.  There is so much more that looks maybe small and unimportant, but that helps in its total to create the best available window in New Zealand:

Paint, oil, screws, sills, glue, glazing bars, locking cylinders etc ...

Because we know about the importance of these "small thinks" we only use the best brands with an eco friendly expertise, such as W├╝rth, Gutmann, WILKA, CES, SIKKENS, Remmers, OSMO, Ammonn, VBH, Kleiberit and many more.

Again, it's all about the right mixture of all components that turns a good product into a sustainable product.

And that is why the bits and pieces sometimes make more than a difference!

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