why intalok

Intalok buildings withstand the worst of nature while you enjoy the best of it.

All Intalok buildings are fully engineered and held together by our unique interlocking building system, which has been designed with extra strength and durability for New Zealand’s shaky seismic conditions.

Until now, the perception of solid wood homes has been tarnished by the loud cracking noises caused by changes of temperature contracting and expanding the timber. Intalok has solved this problem with a special 50mm cavity created by the pre-stressed method using interlocking pins and battens. This cavity is filled with extra insulation which not only gives added warmth, but also acts as a perfect buffer against changes in temperature. The result - no cracking noises.

The internal pine walls are held together by interlocking steel pins driven into the boards at wall and post intersections.

Threaded steel rods are hidden within the walls and tightened to give Intalok the incredible strength and durability. This also prevents creaking.

The special battening system between the interior and exterior walls produces an insulation cavity for extra warmth and energy efficiency.

Our Partners

Houses have been built from wood since the first day man felled a tree. As the world looks for an alternative to the finite resources consumed worldwide, Intalok knows it has already found a winner and with over 1.2 million hectares growing throughout New Zealand, it is our most widely grown renewable resource.

The NZ Wood programme promotes growing forests and using wood in a sustainable, responsible way for us, here, now, and for generations to come. The entire NZ Wood programme is founded on research evidence, industry consultation and commitment.

Learn more about the beauty and benefits of wood at www.nzwood.co.nz

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