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You are looking to build a home and a lifestyle that reflects your ideals, where the carbon footprint will be minimal. Installation of eco products will deliver an eco friendly, efficient and healthy home, changing how you live - a sustainable, healthy environment for future generations.


New Zealand's leading water tank and wastewater specialists.

Based in clean green New Zealand, our company reflects a pioneering ethos through our innovative designs, manufacturing processes and end product, along with quality, durability and cost effectiveness.

Wastewater Treatment

We are all becoming more conscious of how our wastewater is managed and Devan have ensured that the highest standards are maintained while considering practicality so that the products are easy to install and maintain.

Septic Tanks

Devan septic tanks are a popular choice both for new homes and retrofitting to older homes with failed tanks.  Lightweight and easy to install there are no cranes or huge diggers required here.  Having a septic tank in your life is par for the course when it comes to rural living.  A septic tank in an ingenious device and very cleverly and quietly chews away at your household wastewater, however any people do not give any thought to the fact that a septic tank is a living ecosystem and as a result treat it poorly.
Simple yet effective.  The basic principle of the septic tank has remained unchanged for centuries. The tank receives wastewater outfall from a building whereby the solids either settle to the bottom (sludge) or rise to the top (crust). Bacteria operate throughout the tank processing all the waste particles and after passing through a filter, the cleaner water is then discharged into your soakage trench.

Water Tanks

Whether your new home is required to detain its storm water run-off as part of your building permit, or you are sick of water rates and want to make use of the water pouring down the drains, Devan have a range of water tanks for this purpose, both above and underground.  Outlet Invert level Ø100mm Socket Inlet Ground level Inspection cap Invert level 2170mm 770mm 820mm. In some regions the local authorities require that dwellings detail storm water whereby the rainwater run-off from the property is interrupted prior to reaching the local storm water infrastructure. This is done by storm water being first received by a detention tank which only allows the water to be released into the storm water system via a 25mm outlet, therefore diminishing the need for local infrastructure to cope with sudden overloading.

Alternatively there is a growing desire from water rate payers and sustainability minded individuals to retain and make use of storm water run off from their property to make use of the water around the home.  The Devan storm water detention tank meets all local authority requirements, is lightweight and easy for your local drain layer to install.  The same vessel can be used for retaining rainwater underground for use in watering gardens, washing cars or even flushing the toilet.  Devan detention and retention tanks are available in both 3600 litre and 2100 litre capacities and enjoy the same 15 year manufactures warranty as other Devan waste water products.

Other Products & Accessories

Devan can provide you with key accessories to assist with your water collection, storage and usage needs. Devan also have a range of other products; their Devan Classic Bin, Drums and Devan's "Big Bin".

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