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Imagine living in an Intalok, a building that is so strong its core structure can withstand extreme conditions. A lone pine tree standing 35 metres tall can withstand earthquakes and extreme wind gusts. Your Intalok has these same characteristics.


Intalok buildings in the Maldives survived the 2004 tsunami which destroyed most of the islands. They have been tested by hurricanes in the South Pacific and earthquakes in New Zealand – what could possibly prove the strength and safety of our system more than this?


Over 30 years ago we developed a unique interlocking system using solid wood’s natural strength to create a building system with unparalleled strength and durability. The structural integrity of an Intalok is the result of its unique fixing system which incorporates interlocking pins and tensioning rods creating enormous strength without affecting the aesthetics of the interior.


Unbelievably, solid timber buildings are more resistant to fire, burning at just 0.6mm per minute - much slower than any alternative synthetic building material. This means they retain their structural integrity for longer in a situation where a fire may take hold.

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