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Imagine living in an Intalok, surrounded in natural solid wood. Its properties promote healthy living unlike many other building materials on the planet. It purifies the air you breathe and acts as a natural dehumidifier.


Trees are essential in the fight against global warming. They absorb carbon dioxide as they grow and store it safely, even after they have been harvested. In effect, trees (or solid wood) purify the air you breathe. An Intalok acts as a natural dehumidifier due to the innate properties of wood. The wood is able to absorb or repel moisture maintaining a stable humidity level throughout the home therefore reducing the risk of mould and mildew. The pure environment that solid wood provides is especially ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.  


You could liken living in an Intalok to the feeling of wrapping yourself in merino wool - cool in summer and warm in winter.
Feel the benefits of a comfortable and naturally healthy Intalok. 
Learn more about the Facts of Nature at www.solidwood.co.nz


The innovative battening system of an Intalok further enhances your level of comfort. The exterior wall cavity is formed using 50mm battens. The cavities are filled with insulation creating a buffer against changes in temperature which in turn eliminates any creaking noises caused by the wood expanding and contracting.

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