Imagine living in an intalok that is naturally... Grown, Healthy, Strong and Efficient


Thinking of Building offsite ?

Wanting to build offsite ?   There are times when building offsite becomes time and cost effective. This family chose to build their Intalok home in Tauranga and then transport it to Mangakino. Within 8 weeks this family had built their home then plumbing and drainage, everything plumbed in ... time to move in. Intalok homes have it all – thermal mass, natural air conditioning, energy efficiency, healthy living zones, the strength of nature’s carbon fibre and they work wit…


Join us... become an accredited Intalok builder

We are seeking motivated, qualified builders with a passion for solid-timber construction to join our national network of accredited Intalok builders. You will receive: Rights to market and use the Intalok system in your local region with negotiable rights to exclusive territory within that region; Marketing collateral including vehicle branding as an Accredited Intalok Builder; Technical support including on-site guidance through construction of your first Authentic Intalok sol…


Structural integrity after raging fire

A raging fire in Brookfied, Tauranga destroyed a 14 year old Intalok on 16 January 2013.  Remarkably although the intense heat of the blaze melted the exterior of the house and most of the fittings inside, the structural integrity of house remained intact.  The solid timber interior walls have charred and blistered but the walls remained standing.  Where smoke and heat have reached the downstairs floor it has blackened the timber but not ignited it.  The density of the Intalo…


Do you love wearing merino wool?

A recent media release from The Solid Wood Group states that findings by Lincoln University research conclude living in a solid wood home is comparable to wearing merino wool. Read the article in full here.…


NZ Wood advertising campaign aims to educate New Zealanders on the benefits of building with wood:

You may have seen the latest advertisements from NZ Wood relating to one of our most sustainable resources – wood. If you haven’t, we’ve posted them here for you to view. Enjoy.    …


Tropical Island Resort Survives Tsunami

Among the many casualties of the 2004 Tsunami was the South Male Atoll in the Maldives.  When the raging waters washed over the island most buildings were flattened, but not the remarkable Intalok-built Cocoa Beach resort. With room rates starting from 884USD per night, Cocoa Beach is not your average resort.  Neither are its rooms.  They are boat-shaped structures modelled on traditional local fishing boats, designed and pre-assembled by Intalok in New Zealand and installed in…