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Tropical Island Resort Survives Tsunami
12 Nov, 2008

Among the many casualties of the 2004 Tsunami was the South Male Atoll in the Maldives.  When the raging waters washed over the island most buildings were flattened, but not the remarkable Intalok-built Cocoa Beach resort.

With room rates starting from 884USD per night, Cocoa Beach is not your average resort.  Neither are its rooms.  They are boat-shaped structures modelled on traditional local fishing boats, designed and pre-assembled by Intalok in New Zealand and installed in the Maldives by local labour.

If the striking style of these buildings is not enough to impress, spare a thought for their impressive track record.  When the 2004 Tsunami washed over the resort island, almost everything was flattened.  The resort’s Intalok buildings stood proud, suffering only broken windows and water damage.

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