Imagine living in an intalok that is naturally... Grown, Healthy, Strong and Efficient


Thinking of Building offsite ?
17 Jul, 2015

Wanting to build offsite ?   There are times when building offsite becomes time and cost effective. This family chose to build their Intalok home in Tauranga and then transport it to Mangakino. Within 8 weeks this family had built their home then plumbing and drainage, everything plumbed in ... time to move in.

Intalok homes have it all – thermal mass, natural air conditioning, energy efficiency, healthy living zones, the strength of nature’s carbon fibre and they work with nature. An Intalok home also provides relaxed family living – it is a bright and vibrant during the daytime, yet soft and mellow for the quiet time after sundown.



And the familys  Intalok experience


Yvaan & Joy

We looked at quite a few different house solutions.  What we liked about Inatalok was the warm wood look and the low maintenance solution.

The staff was friendly and helpful and we were treated like 'large' customers even though we were only looking for a one off, small house.

Transporting the house to our site was no problem.

After nearly six months we are thrilled and comfortable in our little home.

If only the landscaping was as easy…



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