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Structural integrity after raging fire
11 Feb, 2013

A raging fire in Brookfied, Tauranga destroyed a 14 year old Intalok on 16 January 2013.  Remarkably although the intense heat of the blaze melted the exterior of the house and most of the fittings inside, the structural integrity of house remained intact.  The solid timber interior walls have charred and blistered but the walls remained standing.  Where smoke and heat have reached the downstairs floor it has blackened the timber but not ignited it.  The density of the Intalok building system makes it difficult for fire to take hold and even with extreme temperatures the solid timber does not ignite and remains structurally sound giving valuable time to any occupants that may be in a burning building.  The owners of this house were grateful to be able to sift through their belongings and are definitely building another Intalok for their continued security in extreme conditions. 


Click here for photos relating to this fire. 



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