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You are looking to build a home and a lifestyle that reflects your ideals, where the carbon footprint will be minimal. Installation of eco products will deliver an eco friendly, efficient and healthy home, changing how you live - a sustainable, healthy environment for future generations.


Solar Energy

DDG Central Heating

Under floor Heating

Central Heating

Gas Boilers

Solar Corp

Solar Corp designed, supplied and installed the solar powered under floor central heating system, solar domestic hot water, STES underground tank and DDG central heating fire for the radiators for which David Shaw Builders received the Master Builders Resene Sustainable Home Award. Solar Corp also provided the solar water heating for the under floor home heating and domestic water heating for last years House Build Winner by Allan Wallace Builders.

Solar Energy

Most popular options are Solar collectors on the roof, hot water cylinder (HWC) inside. If you are off the gid or don't want to use any power, Thermosiphon system, HWC on the roof and collectors underneath. Collectors on the roof, a PV solar pump and HWC inside. Their solar water heaters can be combined with a wetback, gas califont, any type of boiler or water heater.

The German Solar Controller is loaded with features to optimise the conversion of solar energy into water heating. It maintains the hot water cylinder temperature within safe margins and will automatically provide any top-up heating if required.

Unsightly solar water heaters on low-pitched roofs are now history. Their DF series solar water heaters can be attached directly to a roof or even the building facade and the solar fin is angled to the correct inclination for optimum solar gain.

DDG Central Heating

Solar Corp NZ is proud to represent DDG Multi-Fuel fires in New Zealand. A DDG may look like a conventional fire, but is the heart of a modern central heating system. Behind the cozy flames lies an ingenious and very powerful wetback water heater specifically designed for home heating. The DDG is designed to seamlessly integrate with underfloor and radiator central heating, providing an abundance of comfortable radiant heat, free from drafts and noise. Established in 1979, the DDG is manufactured in Belgium using the latest in manufacturing technology, providing you with a very high quality product with a minimum service life of 20 years. DDG fires are available as free standing or built-in.

Central Heating

A healthy home is a warm dry home. Hydronic under floor and radiator central heating is free from drafts and noise. Radiant heat is the most comfortable for the human body. Central heating uses a single heat source, is compatible with solar, has a long service life and requires minimal maintenance. Heating can be completely automatic with individual room temperature control. Solar Corp NZ will design and install a central heating system to suit your needs.

Gas Boilers

Solar Corp NZ will design and install a central heating system to suit your needs. You may choose to include Gas condensing boiler if you live in the city with gas in street.




   Eco - Fleece ®      Natural Eco - Fleece ®      Earthwool ®      Eco Hush       Eco Therm ™      Cylinder Wrap

Sheep's Wool Insulation and sheep's wool and polyester blend)

Ecofleece ® is available in two product options, natural or recycled.

Natural Ecofleece ® is a high performance glasswool insulation product with combined energy savings, sound absorbing and fire resistance features. The natural brown colour of Earthwool® comes from the use of revolutionary ECOSE® Technology. Earthwool- provides installers and home-owners with unrivaled benefits not associated with traditional glasswool.

Wool Insulation (100% Loose Wool)

Ecowool ® is available as natural Ecowool ® and recycled Ecowool ® insulation is 100% pure New Zealand fine, white wool. Recycled Ecowool ® is coloured wool sourced from New Zealand woolen product manufacturers.

Wool / Polyester Sound Control Insulation

Ecohush sound control is a soft thermally bonded wool/polyester blended blanket cut to suit most required spacing. There are no adhesives or chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Ecohush is non irritant, user friendly and is designed to greatly reduce unwanted noise in the home or commercial environment.

Polyester Insulation

Ecotherm™ is a 100% polyester insulation material able to be installed without the need for protective clothing or equipment. Manufactured from thermally bonded Polyester fibers, it creates a soft, fluffy fleece like material. Ecotherm™ complies with the insulation standard As/NZS 4859.1

Polyester Insulation

Ecotherm™is a 100% polyester insulation material able to be installed without the need for protective clothing or equipment. Manufactured from thermally bonded Polyester fibers, it creates a soft, fluffy, fleece like material. Ecotherm™ complies with the insulation standard AS/NZS 4859.1

Polyester Underfloor Insulation

Is a product that comprises of high density 100% polyester fibers and is friction fixed between the underside of the floor joists. The polyester is non-irritant, non-allergenic, toxic free, easy to handle and install and adds a thermal resistance to the underside of the floor. This makes it the 'Ultimate' in underfloor insulation.

Cylinder Wrap

Ecosleeve ™ cylinder wrap is an aluminium foil laminated to one face of recycled wool or polyester fleece insulation material specifically designed for wrapping electric hot water cylinders to reduce heat loss from the stored water.


Wastewater Treatment

Septic Tanks

Water Tanks

Other Products




New Zealand's leading water tank and wastewater specialists.

Based in clean green New Zealand, our company reflects a pioneering ethos through our innovative designs, manufacturing processes and end product, along with quality, durability and cost effectiveness.

Wastewater Treatment

We are all becoming more conscious of how our wastewater is managed and Devan have ensured that the highest standards are maintained while considering practicality so that the products are easy to install and maintain.


Septic Tanks

Devan septic tanks are a popular choice both for new homes and retrofitting to older homes with failed tanks.  Lightweight and easy to install there are no cranes or huge diggers required here.  Having a septic tank in your life is par for the course when it comes to rural living.  A septic tank in an ingenious device and very cleverly and quietly chews away at your household wastewater, however any people do not give any thought to the fact that a septic tank is a living ecosystem and as a result treat it poorly.

Simple yet effective.  The basic principle of the septic tank has remained unchanged for centuries. The tank receives wastewater outfall from a building whereby the solids either settle to the bottom (sludge) or rise to the top (crust). Bacteria operate throughout the tank processing all the waste particles and after passing through a filter, the cleaner water is then discharged into your soakage trench.


Water Tanks

Whether your new home is required to detain its storm water run-off as part of your building permit, or you are sick of water rates and want to make use of the water pouring down the drains, Devan have a range of water tanks for this purpose, both above and underground.  Outlet Invert level Ø100mm Socket Inlet Ground level Inspection cap Invert level 2170mm 770mm 820mm. In some regions the local authorities require that dwellings detail storm water whereby the rainwater run-off from the property is interrupted prior to reaching the local storm water infrastructure. This is done by storm water being first received by a detention tank which only allows the water to be released into the storm water system via a 25mm outlet, therefore diminishing the need for local infrastructure to cope with sudden overloading.

Alternatively there is a growing desire from water rate payers and sustainability minded individuals to retain and make use of storm water run off from their property to make use of the water around the home.  The Devan storm water detention tank meets all local authority requirements, is lightweight and easy for your local drain layer to install.  The same vessel can be used for retaining rainwater underground for use in watering gardens, washing cars or even flushing the toilet.  Devan detention and retention tanks are available in both 3600 litre and 2100 litre capacities and enjoy the same 15 year manufactures warranty as other Devan waste water products.


Other Products & Accessories

Devan can provide you with key accessories to assist with your water collection, storage and usage needs. Devan also have a range of other products; their Devan Classic Bin, Drums and Devan's "Big Bin".


         The most energy-efficient windows in New Zealand

Raglan Style


European Style     



"The most energy efficient windows in New Zealand" - not only a claim but our daily task.  Our vision of building the best windows comes along with our idea of partnership. Only the close cooperation with the customers - our most important partners - and the network of our suppliers from all over the world enables us to find the best solutions in terms of energy efficiency, design and quality.

That's why we don't offer the standard: our products are always customised.  As we use the highest standard of machinery, we are able to do so without keeping the budget out of sight.  At the end of the day, satisfied customers are our definition of sustainability.  That's the reason why the old CO-OP concept of an almost ancient dairy factory fits perfectly with a high-tech window factory.

In our philosophy windows and doors are one of the most formative parts of a house.  They let fresh air in and undesirable odor out.  They brighten your rooms and keep the unintended out.  They are the most functional part of the facade, but the most sensitive too.

Sensitive, because there are so many things that can go wrong with windows and doors.  Losing the valuable energy is one of the major concerns about windows.  That's why we dislike bad windows.  It is just so needless.  Building good - energy efficient - windows and doors is no rocket science.  It just needs some skills and experience, but most of all; passion !

No matter if it's a masonry villa, a timber framed passive house or a small alteration.  It doesn't matter if it's a multi-point locked entry door (which is a standard for us), a sliding door of 12 meter length, an oversized bi-fold or a small bathroom window.

We always manufacture with passion and the best available ingredients.  That's our promise.



The major components of a good window are of course profiles, hardware and glazing.  But there are a few of ingredients that could make the difference, too.  Sometimes it's the little thinks that turn a good window into an "eco-window".

A high quality rubber seal is essential for getting a window as tight as possible.  A thermally broken threshold turns a sliding door or an entry door into an essential part of an energy efficient home.  There is so much more that looks maybe small and unimportant, but that helps in its total to create the best available window in New Zealand:

Paint, oil, screws, sills, glue, glazing bars, locking cylinders etc ...

Because we know about the importance of these "small thinks" we only use the best brands with an eco friendly expertise, such as Würth, Gutmann, WILKA, CES, SIKKENS, Remmers, OSMO, Ammonn, VBH, Kleiberit and many more.

Again, it's all about the right mixture of all components that turns a good product into a sustainable product.

And that is why the bits and pieces sometimes make more than a difference!